Important Reasons to Use Mosaic Tile in Your Home Décor

Oct 29, 2018

Mosaic tiles have been incorporated in classic and contemporary interior designs for a long time. They are widely accepted and used to add a unique accent and as synchronous classy character to interior design. A lot of people easily get frustrated when it comes to the final plan of the interior design of their personal space and they end up being indecisive. You are not meant to enhance the stylistic status of your home with tiles but simply to augment your home value.

Mosaic materials establish a refined style throughout your home décor. Materials including glass, ceramic, granite, porcelain, and marble constitute the spectrum of mosaic tiles. They are used for both interior and exterior design and they come in different shapes, color, texture, and style which can be harnessed to suit a personal taste. There is a lot of reasons to integrate mosaic tile into your interior décor but we have compiled the 3 most prominent ones.

#1: Their versatility

Mosaic tiles have found wide application in any part of a home. The bathroom environment can be greatly improved to offer a pragmatic sense of relaxation by using mosaic tiles to enclose the bathing area. It creates a privatized atmosphere especially when color shades are used. The kitchen is another part of the home that can be beautified using mosaic tile. They can be used on countertops to create an eye-catching feel. When color shades like grey and baby blue are used, it creates a soothing and cool atmosphere. The mosaic tiles can be used for virtually all parts of the home if one is a little bit creative with them.

#2: Their low maintenance and eco-friendly nature

Mosaic tiles are very easy to maintain and they constitute one of the most durable decorative methods out there. Unlike the high standard of maintenance required by chick objects and décor artifacts, mosaic materials are eco-friendly and they don’t pose any stress to maintain. However, their ease of maintenance is largely dependent on where they are placed and the materials they are made of. That is why you need to go for reliable products like Carreaux Metro kitchen tiles always because of the quality they provide.

#3: Their energy conservation potential

One of the benefits of mosaic tiles is that they absorb energy during the day and transmit heat slowly throughout the night. This creates a warm feel for those living inside the house. It is actually very expensive to create an insulation effect, especially in cold regions as energy cost continuously increase. Mosaic tiles can be used efficiently to sustain the level of heat in the interior part of a house.

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Different Types of HVAC Systems for Commercial Buildings You Should Know About!

Oct 21, 2018

Today, you have an ample of choices for everything. This holds good even when it comes to HVAC systems!

No matter whether you are thinking to buy a new HVAC system or want to replace existing system in your commercial building, you are definitely going to encounter numerous options. Choosing the right one is quite important since you would definitely want to ensure happiness and comfort of your tenants, isn’t it? Plus, you will even want the system to be practical and efficient for your building.

Here you will need to understand different types of HVAC systems commercial to help you make a wise choice. This will help you pick up just the right system for the function and size of your property. Read on to explore more about it!

Single split system

This category is by far the most popular kind of HVAC since it is quite appropriate and affordable for most of the smaller commercial buildings. They are perfect for the buildings having small server rooms, offices, or small-scale restaurants as they provide cooling and heating control in every room.


  • It is quite cheaper as compared to installing central system.
  • Being self contained systems, even if one unit tends to break down, the others aren’t affected. They can still be functional.

Multi Split system

With multi split system, you can easily connect around 9 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit. These systems basically work with the help of inverter technology. This technology facilitates compressor to operate at various speeds.

Each time compressor is turned on or off, huge amount of the energy is being consumed in the forced-air HVAC. However, multi-split system has sensors that detect changes in the temperature and then adjusting whenever required. As a result, this system cuts down on energy.


  • You can use ceil mounted as well as wall mounted air conditioning units.
  • You can preserve look of the building and outdoor space with much fewer outdoor units.

VRF system

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), both addresses same kind of HVAC system. If your commercial space is large or medium like large office space or mixed-use building, then going with VRV or VRF system can be your best bet.

Knowing all your available options is always the best idea. Moreover, determine the required features that can suit your tenants as well as your wallet!

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Are You Aware of Different Types of Foundation Repair?

Oct 21, 2018

Options for repairing of foundation varies greatly based upon the geographical conditions of the area. Till 1970, people usually repaired the foundation by using only concrete, however nowadays many other types of foundation repairs are available.

 Following are few different approaches for repairing the foundation.

  • Steel piers

When this method was introduced it really revolutionized the repair process for foundation. It is possible to do the repair work much faster as compared to traditional concrete pier method of repairing. Nowadays a lot of innovations have been done on this method and it has become a data driven process.

  • Helical piers

Whether it is internal slab repair or external foundation repair, helical pier can work well for both the areas. Also, if it is any new construction or for any foundation repair, it is possible to employ this method. Porch column areas or structures which are having vinyl siding that are light-loaded areas are the right place for undertaking this method. This method is quite versatile however much underused in the market.

  • Concrete pier

Most of the foundation companies use this pour-in-place technique by using concrete piers during pre-construction phase of any building structures. The same methods are also used during repair of foundations too. Before the hydraulic driven steel pier method was in the market, people used to adopt this method only.

This is a permanent way of repairing the foundation however there are few disadvantages. The difficulties in drilling in any residential area and also the cost involved for this process limits this method. There are lots of digging need to be done and lots of dirt also has to be removed and after that the clean-up process also needs quite a lot of time and effort.

  • High-density polyurethane foam

This is another new method which has been recently developed and has become quite popular in the market because of its speed of repair and the price that need to be spend. Slab repair has become quite simple by using such high-density polyurethane foam.

Here the repair technician will inject the polyurethane foam inside the checkerboard grid which can be about six feet on the center of the area which is affected. However, while implementing this process one has to be careful about the HVAC ducts that may be running under the floor and foam may often clog them. Also, before undertaking the job, plumbing testing is necessary to check for any leakages in the drain or supply lines.

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Are You Planning to Install Split Air Conditioner? A Few Things to Consider

Oct 5, 2018

Its is not very simple and straightforward to install split air conditioner in any room. You will get right kind of cooling effect only if it is properly installed by the service provider. However, if the work is not done in an accurate manner then the desired cooling effect in the room will be missing. There can also be frequent maintenance related issues too.

You may also visit the website to know about various options available to you for air conditioning. Following are few things that you need to consider while installing any split air conditioner in the house.

  • Strength of the wall where you want to hold the AC

The split air conditioner has certain amount of weight, that the wall needs to hold and hence construction of the wall must be strong enough for that.

  • Enough space needed between the wall and AC

There is a requirement of minimum 15 cm of open space from all sides of the air conditioner so that there is proper flow of air.

  • Appropriate height from the ground

In order to get adequate cooling effect, it is essential that the air conditioner must be installed at a height of 7 to 8 feet above the ground level.

  • Correct tilt angle for the indoor unit

When you are fixing the bracket on the wall then you must make sure that the bracket must be installed by providing certain amount of tilt so that the air conditioner unit is also fitted at certain angular fashion and there is unrestricted flow of condensed water while draining out from the pipe.

  • Choose right location of the outdoor unit

If you want to achieve proper cooling then it is necessary that the outdoor unit must be installed in such location where direct sunlight or rainwater may not fall. Also, it is important that the outdoor unit must be located in any open space so that heat can be properly dissipated from the condenser unit.

  • Right placement of outdoor unit

It is necessary that outdoor unit must be fitted in any rigid and flat surface. This unit consists of condenser, compressor and fan motors and hence the surface where it is mounted need to be flat, otherwise it may vibrate too much and the copper pipe may get broken and also disturb you.

  • Proper distance between indoor and outdoor unit

In order to reduce the loss of cooling the distance between indoor and outdoor unit must be minimum and never exceed more than 15 meters.

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