Its is not very simple and straightforward to install split air conditioner in any room. You will get right kind of cooling effect only if it is properly installed by the service provider. However, if the work is not done in an accurate manner then the desired cooling effect in the room will be missing. There can also be frequent maintenance related issues too.

You may also visit the website to know about various options available to you for air conditioning. Following are few things that you need to consider while installing any split air conditioner in the house.

  • Strength of the wall where you want to hold the AC

The split air conditioner has certain amount of weight, that the wall needs to hold and hence construction of the wall must be strong enough for that.

  • Enough space needed between the wall and AC

There is a requirement of minimum 15 cm of open space from all sides of the air conditioner so that there is proper flow of air.

  • Appropriate height from the ground

In order to get adequate cooling effect, it is essential that the air conditioner must be installed at a height of 7 to 8 feet above the ground level.

  • Correct tilt angle for the indoor unit

When you are fixing the bracket on the wall then you must make sure that the bracket must be installed by providing certain amount of tilt so that the air conditioner unit is also fitted at certain angular fashion and there is unrestricted flow of condensed water while draining out from the pipe.

  • Choose right location of the outdoor unit

If you want to achieve proper cooling then it is necessary that the outdoor unit must be installed in such location where direct sunlight or rainwater may not fall. Also, it is important that the outdoor unit must be located in any open space so that heat can be properly dissipated from the condenser unit.

  • Right placement of outdoor unit

It is necessary that outdoor unit must be fitted in any rigid and flat surface. This unit consists of condenser, compressor and fan motors and hence the surface where it is mounted need to be flat, otherwise it may vibrate too much and the copper pipe may get broken and also disturb you.

  • Proper distance between indoor and outdoor unit

In order to reduce the loss of cooling the distance between indoor and outdoor unit must be minimum and never exceed more than 15 meters.

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