If you have been thinking of redesigning your home, it’s time to flip through the interior décor magazines and check a few websites to find the trending ideas. It’s rather impossible to follow interior trends blindly every year, but before you change things within the décor, it makes sense to check the new things. In this post, we bring the best interior design trends of 2018.

  1. The Scandinavian influence

In recent years, design quebecois contemporain and Scandinavian furniture has made a big impact on the interior choices. The idea is to focus on minimalistic design, styles and forms, with right use of colors. If you are keen on investing in furniture, we recommend that you consider Scandinavian forms as an option.

  1. More of natural elements

The shift towards environment-friendly designs is pretty obvious, and in 2018, more designers worked on bringing the nature home with earthy elements in the picture. You will love the various styles and designs that have come up in wood and the textured looks that add an easy natural appeal to otherwise boring homes.

  1. Statement ceilings

Use of unique structures and light fixtures on the ceiling reached a new height in 2018, with interior experts focusing on experimentation more than ever. If you are someone who doesn’t want to change the flooring, adding one such element to ceiling can change a lot of things. Lights on the ceiling come in diverse forms, so matching with the interiors is easy.

  1. Love for green

Talk of natural elements, and you have green that has been used an accenting color in some of the most amazing projects. While you can always go for textured plants, but it is also possible to play around with upholstery and fabrics that have greener elements. For those who like colors but don’t want to go overboard, this is a nice idea.

  1. Wallpapers are back

For a while, pastel walls and grey shades ruled the choices, but not anymore. It is likely that you will see more of wallpapers in months to come, and surprisingly, dark colors are back in vogue. If you always wanted to invest in light colored sofas, a black background is just what you need.

Before you make any significant changes to your interiors, consider having a layout plan in place. It is also a good idea to consult an interior designer, who can suggest the right mix of ideas.

James Noah

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