Today, you have an ample of choices for everything. This holds good even when it comes to HVAC systems!

No matter whether you are thinking to buy a new HVAC system or want to replace existing system in your commercial building, you are definitely going to encounter numerous options. Choosing the right one is quite important since you would definitely want to ensure happiness and comfort of your tenants, isn’t it? Plus, you will even want the system to be practical and efficient for your building.

Here you will need to understand different types of HVAC systems commercial to help you make a wise choice. This will help you pick up just the right system for the function and size of your property. Read on to explore more about it!

Single split system

This category is by far the most popular kind of HVAC since it is quite appropriate and affordable for most of the smaller commercial buildings. They are perfect for the buildings having small server rooms, offices, or small-scale restaurants as they provide cooling and heating control in every room.


  • It is quite cheaper as compared to installing central system.
  • Being self contained systems, even if one unit tends to break down, the others aren’t affected. They can still be functional.

Multi Split system

With multi split system, you can easily connect around 9 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit. These systems basically work with the help of inverter technology. This technology facilitates compressor to operate at various speeds.

Each time compressor is turned on or off, huge amount of the energy is being consumed in the forced-air HVAC. However, multi-split system has sensors that detect changes in the temperature and then adjusting whenever required. As a result, this system cuts down on energy.


  • You can use ceil mounted as well as wall mounted air conditioning units.
  • You can preserve look of the building and outdoor space with much fewer outdoor units.

VRF system

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), both addresses same kind of HVAC system. If your commercial space is large or medium like large office space or mixed-use building, then going with VRV or VRF system can be your best bet.

Knowing all your available options is always the best idea. Moreover, determine the required features that can suit your tenants as well as your wallet!

James Noah

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